Donor Family Recipient Communication

The families of organ donors and organ recipients may exchange anonymous correspondences when this is requested and agreeable to each. Contact the bereavement department to receive more information about communication between donor families and recipients. The status of organ recipients is available upon request by contacting the bereavement services coordinator at 216-820-4805. Interested parties may also download a copy of the donor family or recipient guidelines for communication.

Tissue and cornea donor families may contact the bereavement services coordinator at 216-820-4805 to receive information about the unique circumstances around correspondence and to inquire about the status of the donated tissue or corneas.

There is no time frame for corresponding and you are welcome to initiate correspondence.

Donor families and recipients are asked to be respectful of each other’s privacy. Please know that seeking and contacting individuals using the internet and social media may not be a welcome form of contact.