Powerful, moving celebrations of life, hope, and love.

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The stories of our donor and recipient families are powerful, moving celebrations of life, hope, and love that get to the heart of why we do what we do, and the difference we can all make. Lifebanc believes that anyone can be a hero – and we see it every day in the generous decisions of people and families who choose and support organ and tissue donation. We’d like you to meet some of these heroes, and some of the Northeast Ohio neighbors they are helping.

Those Waiting: Lifebanc works diligently to pursue a future when everyone waiting receives a transplant. It is said that waiting is the hardest part, but for individuals who are candidates for transplant, waiting is sometimes a matter of life and death.

Recipients: Lifebanc celebrates transplant recipients who in their gratitude for renewed life, have chosen to inspire people through their stories of courage in the face of adversity.

Donors: Lifebanc honors the generosity of donors and their families whose gifts of donated organs, tissues, and corneas help people in need live longer and fuller lives. Join us in remembering donors who have inspired our community.