The Honor Walk

What is an Honor Walk?

Every organ, eye and tissue donor is a hero who has made the decision to save and heal lives. As such, they deserved to be honored, commemorated and celebrated. One way Lifebanc’s staff, hospital staff and others honor donors is by holding Honor Walks. This simple, yet powerful, gesture shows the family of donors that they are not alone. It shows that the world around them is grateful for the gifts their loved one is about to give. Honor Walks also offer hospital staff an opportunity to recognize the heroism of their patient.

How it works

Many hospitals across the country have begun to hold Honor Walks when they are requested or approved by a donor’s family. While each hospital is different, the process of an Honor Walk is usually similar:

  • A notification is made to those in the hospital that an organ, eye and tissue donor is about to be transported to the operating room for the recovery of gifts.
  • Hospital staff who are available line the hallway that leads from the donor’s room to the operating room.
  • The hospital staff observe in reflection as the donor is accompanied by the donor family down the hallway. Some families may choose to play music or make an additional special request. These requests are often able to be granted.

To me, taking part in an Honor Walk is just that: an honor. It allows all of us to take moment to honor the patient and their family, and recognize their selfless act and their desire to give the ultimate gift to others…life!

Chase, Nurse Manager, University Hospitals

Coordinating Honor Walks in your hospital

Lifebanc is willing to help assist in the coordination of Honor Walks in your facility or creating procedures that allow these special moments to happen. Lifebanc’s goal is to always honor the donors, their families, and all those that make the miracle of donation and transplantation possible.

Please reach out to the hospital development coordinator at your hospital to help make this happen. You can also fill out the contact form below.

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The stories of our donor and recipient families are powerful, moving celebrations of life, hope, and love that get to the heart of why we do what we do, and the difference we can all make. Lifebanc believes that anyone can be a hero – and we see it every day in the generous decisions of people and families who choose and support organ and tissue donation. We’d like you to meet some of these heroes, and some of the Northeast Ohio neighbors they are helping.

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