Funeral Directors

Information for Funeral Directors

Lifebanc works with nearly 500 funeral homes in Northeast Ohio to facilitate the respectful care of all organ, eye and tissue donors. Funeral home directors with questions about the donation process can contact Mike Czup, Funeral Home Liasion at

Reimbursement of Costs
Lifebanc reimburses funeral homes for reasonable and customary costs directly incurred by funeral homes as a result of the donation process. Costs related to the donation process should not be passed on to the donor family.

A care package with funeral and embalming supplies is sent with each donor specific to tissues recovered. Additional supplies and assistance are available upon request.

Lifebanc offers in-services and educational programs for funeral home staff. Programs can be designed for 1, 3, 6, and 9 hours of continuing education units.

Obituaries and Memorials
Donor families may be unaware of the opportunity to honor and celebrate the decision their family member made to give the gift of life through organ, eye and tissue donation.

If a family wishes to have their loved one’s gift of life recognized formally in the obituary, you may suggest any of the following phrases:

  • “Jane gave in death, as she gave in life. Jane was an organ and/or tissue donor.”
  • “Jane was an organ and/or tissue donor.”
  • “Jane’s final act was to give the gift of life through organ and/or tissue donation.”
  • “Jane gave the gift of life through organ and/or tissue donation.”

Lifebanc is appreciative of donor families who provide the opportunity for friends and family to honor their loved ones through tribute and memorial gifts. Each tribute and memorial contribution is appropriately acknowledged. Contributions can be made online or sent through the mail.

The Gift of Life Memorial Program
A personalized memorial box is given to each donor family to provide a place to keep special items that families connect with their loved one. Families are informed that Lifebanc will deliver the box to their chosen funeral home and to pick it up there. This box is delivered to the funeral home in one of two ways, either sent directly with the donor or hand-delivered by one of the Lifebanc staff. If additional resources are needed to support multiple services, please contact Lifebanc to check on availability.


The stories of our donor and recipient families are powerful, moving celebrations of life, hope, and love that get to the heart of why we do what we do, and the difference we can all make. Lifebanc believes that anyone can be a hero – and we see it every day in the generous decisions of people and families who choose and support organ and tissue donation. We’d like you to meet some of these heroes, and some of the Northeast Ohio neighbors they are helping.

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