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Let's Talk About Life
Let's Talk About Life
The Organ Trail

It sounds like the beginning of a joke: two guys walk in to a bar. However, the conversation that took place was no joke and forever changed the lives of Mark Scotch and Hugh Smith.

After talking about general topics like sports, politics, and the weather, Mark was surprised when Hugh got up to leave. Mark kidded him, saying it was still early enough in the day to enjoy another beer, but Hugh explained he needed to get home to begin a dialysis routine. Although Hugh never brought up living kidney donation, Mark thought that it was something he could do. As Mark began researching living donation, he was shocked to learn about the critical need for kidney transplants. He felt more could be done to raise awareness for this need, and he wanted to give an example of life after living donation. Listen as Mark shares his unique experience riding his bike on the Organ Trail.