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The Donation Connection

Recently, we were given a gift at Lifebanc. We received an email from Karen Ormiston inquiring about getting involved with Lifebanc. When we heard Karen’s story, we were impressed with her giving spirit and her many connections to donation – and we think you will be too. 

Karen feels it is essential to help people however she can. She is a regular blood donor and volunteer at the American Red Cross. Her generosity went all the way to Boston, where Karen saved the life of a gentleman through bone marrow donation. She is a living kidney donor to a stranger and is now a Lifebanc volunteer. If those connections weren’t enough, Karen is a retired Property & Casualty Insurance Executive who worked for our friends at Oswald Companies, where we hold the Over the Edge event.

Karen’s connected another way; someone in her family needs a kidney transplant.  

In this episode, we also hear from Jerry Whitmer, a retired attorney for Brouse McDowell, whose wife Kathleen was a heart transplant recipient. We are grateful to Brouse McDowell for sponsoring two Let’s Talk About Life episodes.