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Let's Talk About Life
Saving Lives Now

The majority of individuals on the national organ waitlist require a kidney transplant. The average wait time here in northeast Ohio is three to five years, with most people enduring dialysis to keep them alive.

Hear from three experts who share their experience, knowledge, skills, and efforts to increase the number of living kidney donors. Colleen Ryan is a recent living kidney donor who gave a kidney to a stranger so that her uncle could receive one through the voucher program through the National Kidney Donor Registry.

Micheal Lollo, President of the National Kidney Donor Organization, whose mission is to mentor and provide resources for those considering living kidney donation, joins the conversation and provides his experience.

We are also pleased to discuss this critical topic with Dr. Kenneth Chavin, Director of the Transplant Institute at University Hospitals Medical Center. Chavin, an expert in laparoscopic surgery, explains why this surgery is revolutionary and how it can affect the long-term health for living kidney donors.