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Let's Talk About Life
A Lifelong Public Servant

Lifebanc covers 20 counties in Northeast Ohio, serves approximately 4.2 million individuals, and includes several large cities, including Cleveland. The depth of complexity is unimaginable when providing services to a population of this size. Especially ensuring citizens are safe and have access to housing, food, and healthcare. We know that organ donation and transplantation are a tiny fraction of what’s on the minds of those governing the City of Cleveland. However, with diabetes & hypertension ravaging communities, more individuals are ending up on dialysis and potentially on the organ transplant waiting list.

Listen to a candid conversation with Edmund Wilson III, Lifebanc Program Manager, Cleveland City Council President, and good friend Blaine Griffin, as they discuss being a public servant, earning citizens’ trust, and Blaine’s connection to donation and transplantation.