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Let's Talk About Life
Let's Talk About Life
The Importance of DEI

Though Lifebanc’s number one goal every day is to save and heal lives, we are keenly aware that we have an impact on the world far beyond our work in organ, eye, and tissue donation. We’re committed to seeing the bigger picture and being a responsible community partner and good world citizen. How do we do that? By providing opportunities to all,whether they are directly related to our mission or are outside the walls of Lifebanc. We understand that it takes each one of us to create a workplace, a community, and a world that reflect the diversity, equity, and inclusivity that we value so deeply.

Gordon Bowen, Lifebanc CEO, and Jejuana Brown, Director, Equity & Inclusion Programs for the Greater Cleveland Partnership, have a candid conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion (also referred to as DEI.)