Together, we save and heal lives in our community

Heroes are in our neighborhoods: Scroll down to meet the people Northeast Ohio organ and tissue donors are helping, and learn how you can be a hero, saving as many as eight lives and helping up to 75 more.

Lifebanc began 35 years ago as one of the original seven independent organ procurement organizations in the United States. Saving and healing lives since 1986 and serving as Northeast Ohio’s nonprofit organ and tissue recovery organization to more than 80 hospitals and two transplant centers. Lifebanc is a leader in the field and is a highly respected recovery organization nationally and regionally.

Our mission cannot be accomplished alone. Our hospitals and transplant centers, community partners, volunteers, and dedicated staff members have helped us save and heal more lives. You can helps save and heal lives too. Register your donation decision today!

Meet Luke

See that kid beating everyone at foosball? That's Luke -- he's nine. Amazing big brother. Plays hockey, too. You'd never guess that a few years ago he was battling a rare form of cancer. You should meet him: He's got a great story to share.

Know the Facts

We know you have questions about donation. And we know there are plenty of misconceptions about what registering as a donor means for you and your family. Let us help you understand the process and the incredible positive difference you can make.

Be the Difference

By bringing help, hope and healing to dozens of people and families, you can change someone's life forever.

1,700 people in need in Northeast Ohio
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