» When the Gift Hits Home

It goes without saying that things mean more to us when they hit close to home – and that is precisely the experience that the host of Let’s Talk About Life, Colleen Gerber had earlier this year. Listeners to the podcast know that Colleen is a kidney transplant recipient – twice. Because of her own experience, she has a passion and deep respect for organ, eye, and tissue donors and understands how they change lives with their gifts. Besides the two kidney donors that have saved her life, the is another extraordinary donor that she holds in high esteem in her heart. That is the cornea donor who gave her husband, Ernie, the gift of sight.

Earlier this year, Ernie Gerber underwent a cornea transplant after suffering from an eye disease since he was in his teens. The procedure changed his eyesight in one day, and now that he is several months post-transplant, Colleen invited him on the podcast to share the journey with you.