Our Stories

Lifebanc works to save and heal lives in our community.  Nothing demonstrates the mission of Lifebanc better than the poignant stories of those waiting, transplant recipients and donor families.


Those Waiting

Lifebanc works diligently to pursue a future when everyone waiting receives a transplant.  It is said that waiting is the hardest part, but for these individuals it is sometimes a matter of life and death.


Lifebanc honors the generosity of donors and their families whose gifts of donated organs, tissues and corneas help people in need live longer and fuller lives. Join us in remembering donors who have inspired our community.


Lifebanc celebrates transplant recipients who in their gratitude for renewed life have chosen to inspire people through their stories of courage in the face of adversity.


Paul’s new-found energy and continued love of life would not have been possible without donors and their families “who must love and care in order to give a gift of love and life. There is no way that I can ever repay these families. My prayers include the unknown persons who donated the heart valves that extended my life. I will be forever grateful for these gifts.”"

Paul P. Fischer - Aortic valve transplants