Our Stories

Lifebanc works to save and heal lives in our community.  Nothing demonstrates the mission of Lifebanc better than the poignant stories of those waiting, transplant recipients and donor families.


Those Waiting

Lifebanc works diligently to pursue a future when everyone waiting receives a transplant.  It is said that waiting is the hardest part, but for these individuals it is sometimes a matter of life and death.


Lifebanc honors the generosity of donors and their families whose gifts of donated organs, tissues and corneas help people in need live longer and fuller lives. Join us in remembering donors who have inspired our community.


Lifebanc celebrates transplant recipients who in their gratitude for renewed life have chosen to inspire people through their stories of courage in the face of adversity.


Before I actually started working in the license bureau, I never even considered being a donor. I am on the front line every day asking people to say YES to become an organ and tissue donor. At first I looked at it as part of my job, but as I grew in knowledge, understanding and situations occurring, it allowed me to see the importance of it. I didn’t look at it as just my job anymore; I looked at it as an opportunity to help save lives and eventually became a donor myself."

Stephanie Drake - Deputy Registrar for the Shaker Heights License Bureau