Lifebanc Staff Honors Doctors of Distinction

An organ, eye and tissue recovery case is a concerted effort by hospital partners, transplant centers, and Lifebanc staff members to save lives through donation.

In honor of Doctors' Day, Lifebanc staff members acknowledged some of the physicians who go the extra mile to ensure the recovery process moves forward and that the gift of life is received by those individuals on the waiting list whose lives hang in the balance.

Lifebanc staff thank the following physicians:

Dr. Inderjeet BrarAffinity Medical Center – Maintained patient to optimize organ recovery.

Dr. Michael Musso and Dr. Jody MussoAffinity Medical Center – Went above and beyond to help make donation possible by staying over their shifts and coming back to the hospital in the middle of the night to continue to offer assistance, helping to ensure a successful donation outcome.

Dr. Brandon JohnsonAkron Children’s Hospital – Went above and beyond to ensure an out-of-state transplant team could view echo results in order to determine whether the heart could be transplanted.  As a result of his efforts, a 12 year old received a heart transplant.

Dr. James Besunder and Dr. John PopeAkron Children’s Hospital – In addition to going above and beyond to facilitate donation and support patients and their families through the process, they participate in regularly scheduled meetings with Lifebanc to promote collaboration and look for any potential process improvement opportunities. 

Dr. Mark SteeleAkron Children’s Hospital – Collaborated with Lifebanc to ensure a family’s wishes for their newborn infant to donate heart valves was honored, which would not have been possible without his help.

Dr. Sarah Friebert, Dr. Catherine Kelly-Langen and Dr. Cassandra HirshAkron Children’s Hospital – Always helpful in facilitating the donation conversation with families and supporting them throughout the donation process.  They also participate in regularly scheduled meetings with Lifebanc to promote collaboration and look for any potential process improvement opportunities. 

Dr. Karl Schwarze Akron General Medical Center – Returned to the hospital in the middle of the night to assist during the organ donation process.  He displayed genuine compassion and concern for the donor family whom he only met that night.  He spoke directly to them and thanked them on behalf of all of those on the transplant waiting list. He spoke to them of their courage and generous spirit that led them to donation. He was, on that night, a true ambassador for all of us in the donation field.

Dr. Angela RackleyAultman Hospital – Helped to facilitate testing after hours to keep the donation process moving forward.

Dr. Eyad Nasawati – Aultman Hospital – Always willing to assist with the donation process in whatever ways possible.

Dr. Matthew KnochAultman Hospital – Goes out of his way to place lines, facilitate testing, collaborate on family approaches and improve outcomes for donation.

Dr. Nihad BoutrosAultman Hospital – Excellent “teacher” for Lifebanc staff.  He welcomes questions and willingly shares his many years of transplant knowledge.

Dr. Natalie Yeaney Cleveland Clinic – Very helpful in collaborating with Lifebanc to fulfill families' wishes for donation opportunities.

Dr. Ashok RamaduguUniversity Hospitals Elyria Medical Center – Always a pleasure to work with, being eager to teach and collaborative with Lifebanc. Several lives have been saved due to the hard work and dedication he and his team have shown.

Dr. Michael TaylorFairview Hospital – Overall supporter of donation for many years; helps to educate other physicians and represents the hospital for their system-wide meetings related to donation.

Dr. Lee Baggott and Dr. Charles PengUniversity Hospitals Geauga Medical Center – Willing to work collaboratively with Lifebanc to honor the wishes of the donor families and assist with medical management of the donors, making himself available at all hours.

Dr. Michael MenolasinoLake Health West Medical Center – Made himself available to help facilitate a successful donation outcome.

Dr. Asma ZakariaMetroHealth Medical Center – Stayed after she was consulted to ensure everyone was supported and a plan was developed to best fit the patient, impressing everyone with her kindness, thoroughness, and willingness to help.

Dr. Arslan Talat and Dr. Basantra MohapatraNorthside Medical Center – Helped to ensure the hospital’s first Donation after Circulatory Death recovery in over nine years was successful.

Dr. Andrew Hanson, Dr. Blake Matesic and Dr. Gregory HickeyUniversity Hospitals Parma Medical Center – Kind and compassionate in their communication with donor families and helpful to Lifebanc staff in medical management of organ donor cases.

Dr. Brian WhiteUniversity Hospitals Portage Medical Center – Supportive of the entire donation process, ensuring patients meeting criteria for potential organ donation are referred, facilitating necessary testing and supporting patients to optimize the donation outcome.

Dr. Richard SpeicherUniversity Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital – Worked collaboratively with Lifebanc for several years to improve the pediatric donation process resulting in more families saying yes to organ donation when faced with the tragic loss of a child.  He graciously served as the keynote speaker for the Lifebanc Neonatal & Pediatric Donation Intensive to educate other physicians and healthcare professionals in Northeast Ohio.

Dr. David Weiner and Dr. Sabino Vellozo – Southwest General Health Center – Offered their expertise during the evaluation of cardiothoracic organs, which may not have been accepted for transplant if not for their assistance, saving two lives through transplantation.

Dr. Amy HutchinsonSt. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital – Always lending her expertise and compassion, ensuring Donors receive exemplary care in the OR. 

Dr. Brian Gruber –  St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital – An active and senior member of the Mercy Health Donor Council as well as the leader of the Mercy-Lifebanc Peer Review Committee.  He is always instrumental in the positive donation outcomes at St. Elizabeth.

Dr. Bryan VeynovichSt. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital – He is an active member of the Mercy Health Donor Council and the Mercy-Lifebanc Peer Review Committee. He is a wonderful advocate for donation and is highly responsible for the positive culture of donation within the ICUs at St. Elizabeth.

Dr. Gregory HuangSt. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital – An active and longtime supporter of Lifebanc and is always willing to go above and beyond to facilitate donation.

Dr. Heath DorionSt. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital – Always goes above and beyond to provide excellent care for potential organ donors and their families. He is a senior, active and valued member of the Mercy Health Donor Council and Mercy-Lifebanc Peer Review Committee. He is always available to advise or assist whenever his expertise is requested.

Dr. John Scrocco St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital – Has assisted in the cardiology work up required for Donors since he was a fellow at MetroHealth. He continues to provide his time and expertise to assist Lifebanc in the evaluation of hearts for transplant.

Dr. Kenneth Ransom – St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital – Always has a willingness to help with the donation process. He goes above and beyond to lend a hand no matter where or what time of the day or night he is needed.

Dr. Michael Mount – St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital – He has provided exemplary support and has lent many hours assisting with Donors and their families at St. Elizabeth.

Dr. Vince VanekSt. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital – He is a senior member of both the Donor Council and Mercy-Lifebanc Peer Review Committee. He spearheaded and succeeded in the quest to be the first hospital in Northeast Ohio to provide remote EMR access to Lifebanc. He also developed a comprehensive Organ Donor Order Set in Epic and has offered his time and expertise to other OPO/Hospital partners to share this order set.

Dr. Deetu Simh – St. Vincent Charity Medical Center – Incredibly kind in consulting on a recent organ donor case and assisting with medical management of the patient to optimize organ function resulting in five recipients getting a second chance at life.

Dr. Bradley Martin and Dr. James Wilson – Summa Akron City Hospital – Always willing to assist and offer guidance to Lifebanc and support to patients and their families throughout the donation process.  They also take the time to participate in case review and donation committee meetings to review any process improvement opportunities and promote collaboration to optimize donation outcomes.

Dr. Matthew Krausa – Summa Akron City Hospital – Offered assistance to help ensure the successful recovery of lungs for transplant, received by a 47 year old.

Dr. Michael Chandler – Summa Akron City Hospital – Was wonderful to work with on a difficult case.  He engaged the family in discussions about their loved one and supported them throughout the donation process.  He was collaborative with Lifebanc and made the entire process easier.

Dr. Richard George and Dr. Tiffany MarchandSumma Akron City Hospital – In addition to participating in case review and donation committee meetings, they and their team provide a level of care to patients and their families that has twice resulted in the rare occurrence of patients donating all eight possible organs for transplant. 

Dr. Larry WoodsTrumbull Memorial Hospital – Goes above and beyond to assist at any hour in supporting patients for best outcomes, placing lines and facilitating testing.

Dr. Benjamin Miller University Hospitals Case Medical Center – Helps to facilitate necessary testing, is always easy to work with and willing to teach.  He will be missed when his fellowship is completed!

Dr. Vanessa HoUniversity Hospitals Case Medical Center – Collaborated with Lifebanc both during a case and afterward to discuss ways we can continue to work better together. 

Lifebanc would like to express great appreciation to our medical directors, who provide education, guidance and support to Lifebanc staff on a 24-hour basis to optimize donation outcomes. 

Dr. Dan Lebovitz

Dr. Samir Latifi

Dr. Michael Joyce

A special thank you to the doctors who continue to dedicate their time and attention to Lifebanc outside of their healthcare facilities by actively participating on the Lifebanc Medical Advisory Board or Board of Directors:

Dr. Allen Roth

Dr. Aiwen Zhang

Dr. Basar Sareyyupoglu

Dr. Charles Miller

Dr. Charles Winans

Dr. Christopher Siegel

Dr. David Goldfarb

Dr. Dorothy Dean

Dr. Dympna Kelly

Dr. Edmund Sanchez

Dr. Emilio Poggio

Dr. Gregory Grossman

Dr. John Daryl Thornton

Dr. Joshua Augustine

Dr. K.V. Narayanan Menon

Dr. Kareem Abu-Elmagd

Dr. Kenneth McCurry

Dr. Laurie McWilliams

Dr. Nader Moazami

Dr. Robert Schilz

Dr. Sonia Alemagno

Dr. Tania Markarian

Dr. Vanessa Humphreville


Paul’s new-found energy and continued love of life would not have been possible without donors and their families “who must love and care in order to give a gift of love and life. There is no way that I can ever repay these families. My prayers include the unknown persons who donated the heart valves that extended my life. I will be forever grateful for these gifts.”"

Paul P. Fischer - Aortic valve transplants

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