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Matt and Sarah Scroggy

On July 28, 2009, Matt and Sarah underwent surgery at The Ohio State University Medical Center so that Matt could receive the kidney he so badly needed. LEARN MORE.

Pinwheels Celebrate Life Given & Received | Mar, 31 2017

Lifebanc celebrates blue and green day by placing pinwheels in the front lawn. The pinwheels represents the donors of 2016 and their gifts of life.

Lifebanc Facilitates a Record Number of Organ, Eye & Tissue Donors in 2016 | Jan, 12 2017

A record number of Northeast Ohioans became organ, eye and tissue donors in 2016, Lifebanc announced Wednesday. Those organ, eye and tissue donors helped save and heal the lives of a record number of people in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Lifebanc Celebrates 30 Years of Saving & Healing Lives | Aug, 29 2016

The Legacy of Life Gala will celebrate the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been saved and healed in Northeast Ohio in the last 30 years and honor the thousands who choose to give the gift of life.

Lifebanc Participates in ECHO Campaign | Jul, 11 2016

A week long observance designed to reach multicultural communities about the importance of being a registered organ, eye & tissue donor.

Liver Recipient Meets her Donor's Husband | Jun, 28 2016

Karen had been dealing with liver disease since 1994, but became critical in 2008. She was told that only a liver transplant would save her.

Lifebanc Staff Honors Doctors of Distinction | Mar, 29 2016

Organ, Eye & Tissue donation could not take place without a small army of medical professionals. Lifebanc staff members acknowledge physicians who have gone above and beyond to save & heal lives through transplantation.

2015 Marks Record Breaking Year for Lifebanc | Feb, 23 2016

Lifebanc is proud to announce its record-breaking year of saving more lives though organ, eye and tissue donation.

A Special Appreciation for World Kidney Day | Mar, 12 2015

On the last day of August in 1980, Marcia Burke woke up in the intensive care unit and smiled. She had undergone a kidney transplant after two decades of illness. "When I opened my eyes, I knew something was different. I was going to be healthy now."


Before I actually started working in the license bureau, I never even considered being a donor. I am on the front line every day asking people to say YES to become an organ and tissue donor. At first I looked at it as part of my job, but as I grew in knowledge, understanding and situations occurring, it allowed me to see the importance of it. I didn’t look at it as just my job anymore; I looked at it as an opportunity to help save lives and eventually became a donor myself."

Stephanie Drake - Deputy Registrar for the Shaker Heights License Bureau