Gifts of Donation

Patrice and Candice Monroe

Patrice and Candice Monroe have more in common than just being sisters. They both are heart transplant recipients. LEARN MORE.


Function: structural support of the body, protects vital organs
Application: facial reconstruction, limb salvage, correction of birth defects, cancer treatments, spinal and oral surgery


Function: connective tissue that serves as structural support in some areas (e.g. nose and outer ear)
Application: reconstructive surgery


Function: allows light in to provide sight
Application: restores vision


Function: fibrous membrane that covers, supports and separates the muscles
Application: restores support, limb and soft tissue repair, reconstructive and facial repair


Function: pumps blood to the body
Application: organ can be transplanted to correct defects


Function:  allows blood flow in one direction through the heart
Application: aortic pulmonary and mitral valves can be transplanted to correct defects


Function: extracts wastes and excess water from the blood; produces hormones that help regulate blood pressure
Application: replacement for patients with failure, removing them from dialysis


Function: regulates energy, breas down proteins, and removes wastes from the blood stream
Application: replacement for patients with end-stage liver disease, hepatitis or cirrhosis


Function: provides oxygen to the blood
Application: replacement for patients with cystic fibrosis, emphysema or other end-stage disease


Function: secretes enzymes necessary for digestion and insulin to regulate blood sugar
Application: replacement of diseased pancreas in the diabetic; eliminates need for insulin


Function: protects the body from infection and necessary temperature control
Application: restores the protective barrier to the body, protects against infection


Function: aids in digestion and the absorption of nutrients into the body
Application: restores the absorption of nutrients and other dietary needs


Function: returns deoxygenated blood to the heart
Application: restores blood flow for limb salvage, dialysis access