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Lifebanc is an incorporated not for profit organization which promotes medical excellence in organ and tissue donation and transplantation and recovers and provides human organs and tissues for transplantation and medical research.  As part of our mission, Lifebanc supports basic science and clinical research that seeks to advance the fields of transplantation and medicine as is consistent with the mission, vision and values of our organization. 

Lifebanc supports the rights of donor families to make an informed decision regarding participation in medical education and research.  However, Lifebanc will not participate in obtaining consent or recovering organs and tissues for research if doing so compromises its ability to obtain organs and tissues for transplantation. 

Download the printable application and return the completed form to the Lifebanc Chief Quality & Regulatory Officer for processing.


Before I actually started working in the license bureau, I never even considered being a donor. I am on the front line every day asking people to say YES to become an organ and tissue donor. At first I looked at it as part of my job, but as I grew in knowledge, understanding and situations occurring, it allowed me to see the importance of it. I didn’t look at it as just my job anymore; I looked at it as an opportunity to help save lives and eventually became a donor myself."

Stephanie Drake - Deputy Registrar for the Shaker Heights License Bureau

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