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Those awaiting transplant in communities of color can wait as much as four times longer for a transplant than other populations.    

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A Different Experience

The needs and experiences of minorities awaiting transplant in the United States are unique.

Over 58% of those on the national transplant waiting list are from communities of color. Communities of color are more prone to developing chronic illnesses, like diabetes and kidney disease, which contribute to a greater need for a transplant. Additionally, those awaiting transplant can wait as much as four times longer than other populations. In part, it is because people from minority communities are less likely to register to become organ, eye, and tissue donors. Registered donors from multicultural communities are more likely to match a waiting person of color. And, transplants between shared ethnicity groups are more likely to be successful.

A Community Empowered

Myths and misconceptions stemming from shared American historical experiences of people of color have prevented people from registering to become donors. Through our website, you can become informed about the donation process and how your donation will help others in need. This information will empower you to make a decision to register as a donor that is reflective of your faith and values. Every day 22 people die in the United States waiting for a transplant. People of color have the power to save and heal lives in their community by taking action and becoming a registered donor.

Contact our Community Outreach Coordinator for specific questions about organ, eye, and tissue donation in multicultural communities or to schedule and informational program.

Donate Life Faith Coalition

Through the Donate Life Faith Coalition, people of faith, faith leaders, and people at work in faith communities, come together to achieve a common purpose: to save and heal lives.

The Donate Life Faith Coalition is comprised of faith and community leaders who believe in a vision for the common good and in working to achieve greater health equity for Northeast Ohio’s diverse communities touched by donation and transplantation. This vision will be realized through collaboration, faithful stewardship, and public action.

The goal of the Coalition is to collaboratively develop culturally appropriate, faith-based community initiatives and messages that will mobilize people in diverse communities to learn more about donation and register to become organ, eye and tissue donors. The initiatives developed will also help to bridge health education gaps respective of donation in faith-based and multicultural communities.

For more information about how to join the Donate Life Faith Coalition, please contact Laura Rodriguez-Carbone at or (216) 820-4810.

A Legacy of Life After Death

Faith is integral to the lives and family experiences of those from multicultural communities. So, a person’s faith and values system become essential to the decision to become a registered donor. Leaving a legacy of life provides blessings beyond measure to those in need of a lifesaving transplant. Registered donors demonstrate one of the most significant calls to service Jesus made to his disciples in the Bible: To save the lives of the dying and to heal the sick (Matthew 10:8).

Faith Leaders are pillars of our community and have the power to save and heal lives by sharing messages of hope and healing through organ, eye and tissue donation with their congregations. Learn more about how you can add value to your ministry or schedule an informational program by contacting our community outreach coordinator. Programs can be customized to fit the needs of your faith and your congregation. Reach out via email or via telephone to 216.752.5433 (LIFE) to learn more.

Save Those in Your Community

The need for transplants significantly outweighs the availability of viable donations in multicultural communities. As a registered organ, eye and tissue donor, you can help save 8 lives and improve the lives of more than 50 people. It only takes a few minutes to help save and heal lives when you register your wishes online.

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